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Alcyon 2: Thoth The Eternal Blue Flame

Alcyon-2-Thoth-The-Eternal-Blue-Flame-original 16 Books Of Thoth Package 16 Books Of Thoth Package Alcyon 2 Thoth The Eternal Blue Flame originalWisdom of Alcyon I am Thoth the one from your legends in time. Time is that of a destination a point. A location.

Our book is in no linear format this is not our understanding of the universe. Time is fluid so are all things. We do not write how your humanity is taught to read our words are fluid and have a deeper meaning.

That was also true of Emerald Tablets that’s why so many have different views on the meanings. The fluid is our natural state of being. Energy is fluid. The cover is an interpretation of my spirit in its natural form. Yet again (Fluid)

The present writing understandings of the earth come from a failed system. Designed for linear thinking keeping all from knowing the true reality. Always being that of fluid.

Creativity is not structured that also is fluid. When you flow, you flow (Fluid) look for a deeper meaning within you as you read.

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Alcyon Teachings Of Thoth

Alcyon-Teachings-Of-Thoth-original 16 Books Of Thoth Package 16 Books Of Thoth Package Alcyon Teachings Of Thoth originalAlcyon teachings of Thoth
Upon Alcyon and beyond other star systems answers never given to the pupil forever answer lives inside all no matter how different they might be for always correct to each and all.
Alcyon teaches so thee shall never read an answer apart from the one thee discover within oneself upon reading.
Upon Alcyon we understand giving an answer is to remove power from one, never allowing them to learn or grow. We seek the answer within the self as within one and all lives new limitless alternative solutions waiting to birth endless possibilities.
We understand on earth many teach in ways to give thee the answer to us that’s not teaching, that’s gaining power over a soul which weakens their spirit, for wisdom never given yet earned within the self. For none holds the truth of another, for only they can hold their own truth. The question-answer format has been upon the earth, for aeons will take time to grow in its understanding of another way.
The Alcyon way will never leave us for it served us well in 9 million years of evolution.
Enjoy the Alcyon way of the future.,

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Confessions of a Bodyguard: Operation Pure, The Hero’s Last Stand

Confessions-of-a-Bodyguard-Operation-Pure-The-Heros-Last-Stand-original 16 Books Of Thoth Package 16 Books Of Thoth Package Confessions of a Bodyguard Operation Pure The Heros Last Stand originalJake an ex-para turned bodyguard after the Iraq war. Hired to protect a celebrity when they fall in love.
Everything goes wrong after she keeps him a secret.
Their worlds fall apart. He returns to the UK with destruction hunting him down to make sure they stay separated.

He calls in the troops for a favour, fresh identity brand new life, with a trail of secrets now behind him.
Operation Pure is underway. Jake carrying the death of an Iraq child caught in a crossfire attack.
Now facing a daunting challenge with his new identity.
Leading them down a slippery slope towards a global civil war.
Will they resolve in time, or have the team gone too far?

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Corruption Exposed – The Highest Level

Corruption-Exposed-The-Highest-Level-original 16 Books Of Thoth Package 16 Books Of Thoth Package Corruption Exposed The Highest Level originalThank you for viewing if our children matter to you and womens rights keep reading.
Thoth is about to reveal to me the lies along with the corruption by governments who abuse children physically/emotionally and sexually exploiting children for financial gain using tax money by good people like myself. I understand what I Am about to read: Thoth knows by first hand experience after being the government’s dirty secret for 14 years. Who was gagged with frets, ridiculed into silence by using the general public who had no awareness of what went on along with his name removed from history to protect the government only. The gov are responsible for trying to cover up his daughter’s death and kidnapping his second daughter, which Justice Andrew McFarlane found guilty on all accounts August 2005. Justice McFarlane did not make sure they carried out his guilty verdict action, he allowed them to judge themselves in a secret Government court inside a company building where they set each other free to commit their crimes again. He failed his duty as a high court judge. Who’s guilty of gross misconduct.
The British Government including Justice Andrew McFarlane are guilty of perverting the course of justice and encouraging the harm of children through illegal activity and deception of the British people.
Which carries a maximum of life imprisonment. We can tolerate most things in society we will not tolerate the abuse and exploitation of women and children.
I THOTH gave you no permission to harm my grandmother, my mother, my aunt, my sister, or both my daughters. And nor did any other person on this planet. And this stands true for any country colonised by the British Government.

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How to Build VST Plugin Path to Guru

How-to-Build-VST-Plugin-Path-to-Guru-original 16 Books Of Thoth Package 16 Books Of Thoth Package How to Build VST Plugin Path to Guru originalHave you ever wondered how they build VST Plugins?

Have you ever thought the cost to develop was out of reach?

Have you found clear instruction from start to end how to build a VST Plugin dissatisfying?

We know how you feel; We were once there painstaking hours of research ending nowhere.

We found a way from many years of not giving up our search.

Inside this book, you will find out how to create your own VST Plugins with low budget software. Don’t underestimate the price we created all our plugins using this wonderful software.

Best of all, throw away all your C++ codebooks, code not anymore. With this software everything done visually.

We teach you how we found this hidden gem where you can find.
We give you a rundown of how it works.
We run you through from start to finished product.

Best of all, we will show you how we create a VST look and feel GUI. You’re not just building the core of your VST you will design how it looks.

You can create VST, VST3, 32bit,64bit -Windows, Mac OS X. Audio Unit with a standalone software.

We will show you how we create from start to finish. Nobody has ever done with this software like we said it’s a hidden gem. A handful of vague video tutorials made. No books, this is the first book about this software.
Happy Developing.

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I Am Thoth The G.I.A Intelligence

I-Am-Thoth-The-GIA-Intelligence-original 16 Books Of Thoth Package 16 Books Of Thoth Package I Am Thoth The GIA Intelligence originalCouncil Of 9., World Government System Audits.,
The G.I.A Intelligence.,
Highest Authority In The Universe.,
On call 24/7 Don’t call us, we shall find you., Commander and Chief: Thoth.,
Once honest who/what I am, who/what I love from the heart “I Am Free.,”
Truth revealed behind Governments all areas of your lives., They have NO Divine Authority or Power of the G.I.A. Their mistakes demonstrated over and over. The G.I.A revealing the truth, peeling back the curtain of deceit to you. Unmasking false systems that led your world astray.
All those on earth who worked at exposing the truth have all been working in secret under the G.I.A Guidance Knowingly and unknowingly.,

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INFJ The Inner World Working Mystery

INFJ-The-Inner-World-Working-Mystery-original 16 Books Of Thoth Package 16 Books Of Thoth Package INFJ The Inner World Working Mystery originalWelcome, you are about to read the mind of an INFJ in a live feed format as I work through the process. Also, how we can use all tools to our advantage. The courage of an INFJ is unstoppable never underestimate an INFJ we might surprise you. 

Dedicated to: Thoth Charles ex Bodyguard to Nicolas Sinatra who taught me how to do things My Way and follow nobody but my own free will. Nicholas Sinatra a man of great worth to my life experience. Plus, my Mentor Nan and life teacher of all things Psychic Kathleen Lorna Middleton Boston MA. Both truly treasured and remembered by me.

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Misconceptions of Pisces Your Resident Pisces Adviser

Misconceptions-of-Pisces-Your-Resident-Pisces-Adviser-original 16 Books Of Thoth Package 16 Books Of Thoth Package Misconceptions of Pisces Your Resident Pisces Adviser originalIf your confused by Pisce’s behavior and want an answer as a Pisces Sun Capricorn ascendant I’ll give you the facts.
 If you want to believe false information given only by those who are not a fish then go ahead if however you want the facts and you feel you can handle the truth then you made a great choice.
 Some elements within this book will show both elements of dark and light mixed, which is balance. You want to understand the fish you must listen to a fish yet how willing are you to learn the truth about Pisces. Knowing the inside loop on Pisces gives you an advantage, not over us, yet a perfect advantage to become golden with us.
 1. Have you ever wondered why your Pisces man or woman suddenly vanished on you without a word?
 2. Or went cold on you, leaving you confused with what just happened?
 3. Are Pisces a mystery or was there something you didn’t understand?
 Allow me to reveal the golden egg mystery,

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Journey Back to Thoth: the First Born Atlantean God

Journey-Back-to-Thoth-the-First-Born-Atlantean-God-original 16 Books Of Thoth Package 16 Books Of Thoth Package Journey Back to Thoth the First Born Atlantean God originalThe intention of this book is to show you regardless of my spirit and nature for arriving on earth my journey has been much similar to yours. We’re one and the same. With the way my past history upon earth long ago has been misrepresented, my name and presence have been perceived as someone you should worship because of my past actions over many lifetimes, my body may have changed throughout that time my spirit was the same I had the tools and interpretations of those times in history only.

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Mystery Behind The Middle East Movement

Mystery-Behind-The-Middle-East-Movement-original 16 Books Of Thoth Package 16 Books Of Thoth Package Mystery Behind The Middle East Movement originalI took on a journey in the middle east, where I was about to discover the truth, what we in the western world had been taught to think regarding Muslims and the Middle East.

9/11 occurred, then 7/7 somehow something was not right, I noticed a long build-up, then two major events soon enough terrorists and ISIS came about; the word terrorists have been changed over the years in the dictionary’s and ISIS is an outrageous misuse of words against women.

I had enough, I wanted answers I had to go to discover what was real and true. What you’re about to read is a one-man mission through the middle east uncovering the truth as he journeyed across land crossing borders.

Take the journey into the unknown with me and discover what you may never have heard before, especially if you’ve never been before.

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Saturn & Alcyon Council Of 9 And One Opening And Closing The Gateway Cycle Of 12

Saturn-Alcyon-Council-Of-9-And-One-Opening-And-Closing-The-Gateway-Cycle-Of-12-original 16 Books Of Thoth Package 16 Books Of Thoth Package Saturn Alcyon Council Of 9 And One Opening And Closing The Gateway Cycle Of 12 originalThe complete reader compiled into one convenient book. From entry point to mission completion. The final entries in the log.

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Spirit Walkers: Walk Between Worlds Guided Journey

Spirit-Walkers-Walk-Between-Worlds-Guided-Journey-original 16 Books Of Thoth Package 16 Books Of Thoth Package Spirit Walkers Walk Between Worlds Guided Journey originalSpirit Walkers – Walk Between Worlds is no ordinary audio-book; we show you how to cross over into the spirit realm and return. Everyone was born with psychic ability, yet not everyone uses or has developed their gifts. If you have little to no experience in developing psychic ability, this would be a great place to start.

We use what we know you already own and can utilise with ease; we take you into the familiar to discover the unfamiliar.
This audio-book will:
•Help you develop your own unique psychic ability.
•Strengthen any gifts you already have.
•Aid in better visualisation when used in conjunction with the law of attraction and creative visualisation for those who may struggle with visioning.

From the seen to the unseen, step into the known to discover the unknown.

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Thoth & The Whistle-Blower Your Responsibility

16 Books Of Thoth Package 16 Books Of Thoth Package Thoth The Whistle Blower Your Responsibility originalIn a world run by governments and celebrities you as a decent human being told to be an outstanding member of society, to be honest, only to find out 30 years later it was all a lie. To cover their own backs. Those who claimed purity were the false prophets you heard about in the ancient text. They who pointed fingers at you turns out it was you who should poke back.
Without standing up for yourself with what’s right and real they leave you with a broken world the one you find yourself in today. Caused by the lies, they deceived with their own propaganda fear tactics you fell for it hook, line and sinker for years, decades just like you always had. No-More. It’s over.

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Saturn The Council of 9 and One: The Day The Earth Stood Still 2020

Preserving history when it matters.,

Saturn-The-Council-of-9-and-One-The-Day-The-Earth-Stood-Still-2020-original 16 Books Of Thoth Package 16 Books Of Thoth Package Saturn The Council of 9 and One The Day The Earth Stood Still 2020 originalBackdrop people are more than a concept if we were to think along the lines of levels.

Are they important? very important the name suggests insignificant which is what creates confusion they are not insignificant, they are important, without them, you could not proceed they are as much important as higher beings, backdrop needs the higher as much as the higher needs the backdrop. “Attitude will always determine the perception of both” the narrator was considered smart if in doubt avoid jumping to any side.

All the name suggests that two kinds of beings exist in the same realm. Which is the same as you continue reading., Has nothing to do with importance., that would be, internal perception filters clogging the airwaves of confusion.

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Twin Flames Love is Blind Are You Ready For The Truth?

Twin-Flames-Love-is-Blind-Are-You-Ready-For-The-Truth-original 16 Books Of Thoth Package 16 Books Of Thoth Package Twin Flames Love is Blind Are You Ready For The Truth originalWhat you’re about to read might stir your emotions or break your mental patterns of being. It may even send you into doubt. Or it may just reawaken you to the fact that love really is blind. What story has you been sold on? I could be the only person willing to tell you. Maybe you’ll listen; maybe you won’t. The only thing that matters is that you take back your power and decide for yourself. Rediscover all the potential lovers that have passed you by since Twin Flame came to town.

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Winged Messenger: Spirits Above The Challenge

The intention is to help you find your greatness within you, helping you to a place of self-empowerment as I did with myself.

Winged-Messenger-Spirits-Above-The-Challenge-original 16 Books Of Thoth Package 16 Books Of Thoth Package Winged Messenger Spirits Above The Challenge originalWinged Messenger is about how my daughter died, where it sent me to what some might call hell. Carrying my first-born daughter’s coffin alone to her grave in my arms. Life beats me down. I chose to not stay there, I got up and fought back.
I went into total despair, my body transformed to 18 stone my life at the time was in ruins.

I used Mind over Matter and transformed my life. I give stories that describe why life can be hard no matter the circumstance in life. I speak about the Placebo effect which is, in fact, me using mind over matter on myself.

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16 Books Of Thoth Package 16 Books Of Thoth Package 16 Books Of Thoth Package 16bookswide web

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