Admiralty Law

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Your Government are Liars.

You have been lied to, scammed and abused by Government your entire LIFE. EVERY Country.

The reason Justice Andrew McFarlane did not do what he said. Why my daughter was abused by Government. WHY YOU PAID FOR THEM TO ABUSE HER. THIS INCLUDES THE ROYAL FAMILY. Why they don’t take accountability. Your CHILDREN ARE A PRODUCT TO THEM They mean nothing to them. They will abuse in any shape or form for MONEY and you will pay for them to do using TAX MONEY YOU PAY. They will also setup groups of pedofile gangs so they can use to cast blame, avoiding all suspicion in their direction keeping the public blind to the truth.

Do you know the difference between the Law of the Land and the Law of the Sea? Jordan Maxwell discusses how Maritime Admiralty Law works and it’s origins in this very revealing videos. Understanding of words is vital to surviving in these times. Moves the S in words and it becomes the word sword. The true definition of Citizen is an employee of the Government Corporation. Are you a citizen? You are owned since birth and your Social Security number is traded on the Stock Market. Learn what Maritime Admiralty is and where it comes from. Jordan Maxwell gives us a better under-standing of how banking, government, and the law of the land and the law of the sea work. Relates to all COUNTRIES. Don’t be fooled.,

COVID? JUST A PRODUCT ELIMINATION SORTING THE GOOD PRODUCTS FROM THOSE NOT GOOD. AUDITING The Product Shelves in their shop., You have been conned., By Boris Johnson and every president or prime minister on earth. Deliberate GLOBAL GENOCIDE., HOW DOES IT FEEL TO FIND OUT THEY HAVE BEEN LIEING TO YOU ALL YOUR LIFE, DON’T MATTER WHO YOU’RE OR WHAT YOU DO, FEW PEOPLE SCAMMING EVERYONE. THE RICH HANDFUL DOMINATING THE MASSES. FOR THEIR GAIN NOT YOURS. YOUR CHILDREN IN DANGER FROM THEM. BELIEVE ME NOW? Boris Johnson knows I know. Katy Perry, blind or dumb? Or part of the liars? Now you understand why financial damage for me I TOLD YOU THE TRUTH.,

Yes, the return of Adolf Hitler in covert disguise. What else would you call it?

If Perry didn’t take accountability, that means she is part of it. She doesn’t care about anyone as long as you keep giving her money. Your CHILDREN MEAN NOTHING.

Consider this Perry: You have caused so much trouble. Daisy is their product, not yours. She has a birth certificate. She’s a commercial product, not a baby. You should be careful, that’s a child. When you harm other Children, you are allowing them to harm yours. You are just a SHIP Dear. Woman is a product also, not anything else to them. Have no care or compassion for others what makes you so special? Right now you are the cause of me going public REMEMBER THAT YOU DID IT TO YOURSELF.


Our Laws GODS Laws.,

New Earth G.I.A Laws.,

All human and non-human beings given the same equal opportunity as everyone under G.I.A Laws., The more you contribute, the more you have.,

For people with skills relating to Law 4, 10, 11, and 14., Or anything you find helpful to contribute. Please contact Thoth at: alcyon@ iamthoth .com

No rulers or leaders all done under the guidance of Council Of 9., Through THOTH & MA’AT for and on behalf of G.I.A The Great Infinite ALL., The creator of all Races on earth and outside of earth the one primary source of ALL creation., No one divided, All are equal in LOVE among the LIGHT of The G.I.A.

A time for enlightening the world of the wrong deeds of those who were once in power have passed. Re-focus your energy among the new Laws of your domain.,

Transparent Intention: By the end of the 9., year cycle, we will completely separate from the world you once knew living under a new way of life., With LOVE, LIGHT and UNITY Together in Harmony as One.,

1. Fundamental Law: Priority Children Matter.,
2. All Life respected: Treated equal among ALL.,
3. Heart Based Action: Currency.,
4. Selfless Magik: Encouraged through higher learning.,
5. Sovereign Rights Protection: G.I.A., laws met and practiced.,
6. Dishonesty: Not an accepted behaviour. Observation undertaken from Council of 9., Monitoring Station.,   
7. Decision Making: Based on transparent intention.,   
8. Errors: Accepted as development process providing correction met under G.I.A Guidance.,   
9. Equality: One world Race welcomed into G.I.A Living.,   
10. Health: Medical facilities stressed shifts reduced., Aided with the assistance of the healing arts. Enhanced self healing schools provided.,   
11. Education: 5 days a week 3 hours a day exam free schooling in G.I.A Heart Based Intention Living, Maths, Language, Self Healing, Meditation, and Practical Nature Skills. Free Creative Thinking Encouraged. Science and Spirituality Combined. Heart Math Technology Included. From Ages 7 to 18. – Ages 18 to 21. Optional Higher learning: Higher Multi-Dimensional Training.,   
12. Wealth: Defined by Heart Based Intention Contribution.,   
13. TV and Film: Managed by Gaia TV Network Healthy Living.,   
14. Police Force: Re-established as G.I.A Peace Keepers. Heart Based Contribution Determines Rank – for a defined period of time to transition from one to another.,
15. Weapons: No weapons. Only tools for building any other use counts as a violation asked to leave includes Police G.I.A Peace Keepers.

Does it feel like you’re not sure what to believe or who to believe? Do you feel that in society right now?

Well, we say believe in you, trust what your heart says feels right. With that, you’ll never be wrong.

Now ask what laws feel right to your heart. If it feels not good, you’re correct. If it feels good yet again you’re correct! The Heart never lies to you.,