Affinity Designer 1.9 Contour tool feature Affinity Designer 1.9 Contour Tool Feature Affinity Designer 1.9 Contour Tool Feature Design Contour Tool

Affinity Designer 1.9 Contour Tool Feature

Created using the new Contour tool feature released in Affinity Designer 1.9 which released this morning.

First created 4 circles set blue melded them together. Which looked like a puddle or lake. The 4 circles first seen are all that makes up the entire image, along with brush effect you see in white. Duplicated multiple times spread around in unique positions. Some parts kept as a circle the others contoured.

Until finding a look, I like I achieved 5 distinct patterns using the one project. All made from circles and the contour tool that really drove the design. Using on the shape fill and outline to achieve weird and wonderful looks.

The Contour tool has become my favorite feature. It’s given me hours of fun.

When you watch the video below, you’ll see how I was manipulating the shapes along with the outlines using the Contour Tool. That was what sparked my creative thinking!

As with every image I start it looks boring, empty void, I first thought OK, add a circle and begin there. The more I add and try it like a sculpture revealing itself. The first few hours it’s like no-man’s-land, who knows what will happen. Then magic just happens and beauty reveals itself. It was an accident I never intended to create, as with most things.


The Final Images

Anyone who’s never heard of affinity designer see video

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