Affirmations Magic Spoken Openly?

Affirmations Magic Spoken Openly?

Some people believe they don’t work whilst others do. The fact is, they do.

Here is the thing all affirmations work you need nobody to teach you a magic secret formula. There is none. Say the words and believe.

If you say “I Am a Courageous Person” my question would be what have you done that’s courageous to back up that belief? if someone says nothing, just spoke the affirmation. Then you will do yourself some greatness if you do something courageous, as that will cement the affirmation in place as TRUTH.

You will never question again do affirmations work?

An example “I am highly courageous man” yet in order for that fact I had to do many courageous things in life, so my words held firm TRUTH in all my being. That’s the magic to any affirmations.

How about this one

I am an absolute legend who will discover truth behind lies” I travelled across the Middle East alone on foot. My actions spoke volumes. Are you forming a clear picture of our meaning?

Last one, how I dissolved my belief in colds and flu!

If I sneezed, coughed, I told myself, “Thank you body for helping remove what’s no longer needed. We are a healthy working team together.” I gave no other association. Until one day, I had no belief in such a thing. I am 8 years on in that truth.

If I had a truth that could benefit the world then it’s highly more profitable for me to share here than to create something with lots of meaningless stuff to fill space and make it look like a million dollar program.

If you benefit, I benefit we all live in a beautiful world together. That to me priceless and worthy to share for the world I want.

If affirmations you were short on well, I created a book for that. The how to stuff what you read here. You have it covered, you can do it, you’re no different to me. You’re powerful beyond measure.

  • 1. Speak it.
  • 2. Create a feeling by action. To match the words.
  • 3. Integrated. Affirmation solidified.

The real cookie! Are affirmations lies?

Yes, if all you’re doing is talking.
If you actually action them, then Absolute TRUTH for you.,

The Book: 12th Exalted Earth: The Absolute State of Being

A miracle? NO, just hot-wire the Lamborghini that’s all., The MIND!

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