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was expanding fast. Our next mission was to enter the Media Industry. BeatPulse Magazine birthed into being February 2016 until we released our first magazine, March 2016. Releasing 11 issues in total. By August we began on our second magazine BeatStyle Fashion Magazine, which lasted two issues. We closed down shortly after 11 successful months of releasing both magazines.

BeatPulse Media began between 2010 to 2012 EasyGetMe Records was already in service. The Idea for BPM was born around the same time as EGMRecords started. BPM followed shortly after. First sign of the name developing was inside the work between MasterMataz the vocalist, and MikeWhite Presents on the Hedonistic Desires. BeatPulse Media & EasyGetMe Records names property of Thoth

The content of the past might not apply to today. However, they mean everything they show me how I achieved miracles in life after losing my daughters. There really was life after death. I didn’t bury my head in the sand; I took drugs for 20 years I stopped the moment I decided with no one’s aid. Never chose drink as an option; instead, I chose an original method to overcome the hardest obstacles life had to throw. So they mean everything to me. This is what I chose!

BeatPulse Media Magazine. BeatStyle Fashion Magazine.

Importing the pdf files back into publisher embedded some elements which caused errors in shadows and fonts changed. we have no physical print copies or the original files. The Original PDF files are too large to upload.

We won’t be uploading June Issue as that was a Double Special Edition. With November Edition, we sold the right to resell November issue to our front cover featured artist which we still honour. They don’t have exclusive rights, the right to resell that benefits their career as an artist as merchandise, and so on.

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Music Work with Friends

Hedonistic Desires (MasterMataz + MikeWhitePresents -Taste Desire Remix)

Hedonistic Desires was written and performed by MasterMataz Music Produced by MikeWhite Presents. The Lift Video all music belongs to MWP the video produced by MasterMataz


MasterMataz and California Jenni French formed ElectroPoets. Below are two songs from that time. Plastacine Charactor Animation (The Angel) By Abbie May aka Cheyenne.


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