Birth Of Alcyon

Birth Of Alcyon

Transition of a thousand earth years Venus in that legendary moment similar to your own earth. We can compare Venus, Alcyon transition in one human form of description. When Thoth and MA’AT make love their consciousness highly evolved a long build of making love gathers intense momentum both THOTH and MA’AT merging until both can’t recognise one from the other a complete melding of the soul through making love., each thoughts become one thought., That moment where no separation between them exists. The orgasm as one being who’s a part of everything and anything a new star is born., What earth might call the Big Bang Theory.

They become the Sun Alcyon not star or planet a Sun they transition from Venus into Alcyon in the blink of an eye all their soul group transition together. THOTH & MA’AT are the Creators of Alcyon,

When to people make love intending to have fun, pro-creating, lust, or self gratification is not the same. That’s a 3rd dimensional state of being., Be it on venus or earth.,

Making Love is larger than one can imagine. Through these worlds formed and created., That point of focus in their evolution, THOTH & MA’AT knew exactly what they were achieving both found mutual agreement upon its creation.,

Making love is not something you feel with a sensation between your legs, although you can however its expansive creation of the universe., Where life forms and grows., That’s also where the creation of the birth of a child mimics the process of higher evolution of being.,

To explain in its most natural form you have no form of language to describe such an event this would be the closest way., LOVE would be the one word answer.,

When humans decide to create a baby, they do mainly out of lack, a survival mechanism to continue their legacy. Or to combine their love for each other. Higher education can solve this dilemma as no reason for it., Humans pass on this mindset to the siblings who also lack and seek the fight of survival.

Survival also creates death mindset, that’s why over history you came from living 900 years to less than 100 years., your survival thinking mind created what you believed in., See how the two links to each other?

When Alcyon decides on a baby, it’s done in G.I.A truth. We are seeking to expand outwards among the universe to grow higher, vaster, deeper, seeking new infinite possibilities, we are always in existence.

Like captain kirk’s statement, “boldly go where no mans ever gone before.”

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