Alcyon 2 ~ Thoth The Eternal Blue Flame

Alcyon 2 Thoth The Eternal Blue FlameWhat you read inside this book upon release can be found on our website

This book will be updated with all the new our website will hold snippets, full content placed inside this book once a month. Our eBook version will give you all the updates. The physical book would not. We recommend the eBook version. Until Series 2.


I am Thoth the one from your legends in time. Time is that of a destination a point. A location.

Our book is in no linear format this is not our understanding of the universe. Time is fluid so are all things. We do not write how your humanity is taught to read our words are fluid and have a deeper meaning.

That was also true of Emerald Tablets that’s why so many have different views on the meanings. The fluid is our natural state of being. Energy is fluid. The cover is an interpretation of my spirit in its natural form. Yet again (Fluid)

The present writing understandings of the earth come from a failed system. Designed for linear thinking keeping all from knowing the true reality. Always being that of fluid.

Creativity is not structured that also is fluid. When you flow, you flow (Fluid) look for a deeper meaning within you as you read. Alcyon 2 ~ Thoth The Eternal Blue Flame by Thoth Charles

Thoth Charles a creative creator. Artist of sound. Creator of words knowledge within wisdom. Active participant of white magic through self-transformation within to without. A teacher and pupil of self.

His favourite card in the tarot deck the tower in every tower comes to a new strength a new foundation of spirit. The meaning of life is the development of spirit.

All creation begins in the heart and mind of self-combined. Thoth Charles an active creator of worlds. A place where no past exists only that which is now.