Little Things to Great Things: Things Can Only Get Better

by Jayce Charles

Firstly, this book is not about mothers or motherhood it’s about going back to the basics the little things in life that make us great. A journey of spiritual self-development. The little things in life are what count the most. Breastfeeding image reflects the little things that help us grow into magnificent humans. The things that matter.

Why did I call the title Little Things to Great Things? Have you heard the song Things can only get better by D Ream well the little things inside this book can achieve the same result? If you’re willing to apply or at most try.

I’m not saying they will work for everyone, they did, however, work for me, if everything else has fallen short of bringing results then you have nothing to lose.

I Am Thoth Charles ∞ Of Alcyon

Real Name Thoth Charles

Thoth Charles a creative creator. Artist of sound. Creator of words knowledge within wisdom. Active participant of white magic through self-transformation within to without. A teacher and pupil of self.

His favourite card in the tarot deck the tower in every tower comes to a new strength a new foundation of spirit. The meaning of life is the development of spirit.

All creation begins in the heart and mind of self-combined. Thoth Charles an active creator of worlds. A place where no past exists only that which is now.