Master Energy Universe Cookbook by Jayce Charles

Have you ever wanted to access the codes behind everything that exists within our planet? Whereby you can have direct access by calling or dialling the desired frequency harnessing the energy behind the words. Hacking your reality changing your life in a positive new way.

We provide you with many examples of the power behind the codes. We created this so you can learn how to do this yourself in a very simple approach.
Once you learn our system your entire world will appear different to you, you will have the wisdom. Inside the contents you shall find historical examples they’re a prime powerful example of the truth set down in this book seeing is believing.

Plus, a powerful new way to look at affirmations. Including an alphabetical list of words already calculated for your convenience. You’ll learn how to translate names/labels into a number a dialling code so to speak, then translate the energy, allowing you to harness its true power. If you know synchronicity with numbers this book will enhance your toolbox.

If you ever wanted to decode reality? Well, now you can.

I Am Thoth Charles ∞ Of Alcyon

Real Name Thoth Charles

Thoth Charles a creative creator. Artist of sound. Creator of words knowledge within wisdom. Active participant of white magic through self-transformation within to without. A teacher and pupil of self.

His favourite card in the tarot deck the tower in every tower comes to a new strength a new foundation of spirit. The meaning of life is the development of spirit.

All creation begins in the heart and mind of self-combined. Thoth Charles an active creator of worlds. A place where no past exists only that which is now.

Physical Book

Master Energy Universe Cookbook


Master Energy Universe Cookbook