Mystery Behind The Middle East Movement

by Jayce Charles

I took on a journey in the middle east… All for the love of creating film and story creating in real time. See video below for examples of that time in history

Audio Sample

I Am Thoth Charles ∞ Of Alcyon

Real Name Thoth Charles

Thoth Charles a creative creator. Artist of sound. Creator of words knowledge within wisdom. Active participant of white magic through self-transformation within to without. A teacher and pupil of self.

His favourite card in the tarot deck the tower in every tower comes to a new strength a new foundation of spirit. The meaning of life is the development of spirit.

All creation begins in the heart and mind of self-combined. Thoth Charles an active creator of worlds. A place where no past exists only that which is now.

Physical Book

Mystery Behind the Middle East Movement


Mystery Behind The Middle East Movement