Broughty Ferry Castle Dundee, Scotland

To whom it may concern, Maybe you’re confused about my turn around, well try not to be confused. My heart remains open, my memory goes on, and love thee do we, that’s what we do best take all you got and then transform loving you more., which empowers us beyond measure and dissolves you away from us. We run with wolves until we end up the leader out running the pack. We can never hate you we can always love you that will always set us apart from the rest. To whom it may concern don’t feel bad our love will always go on.

Look at the bizarre anomalies. photos inverted. I put a ruler over with accurate measurements spot on. Click to open larger version We are not members of the flat earth theory community however this opens a can of worms one can’t deny the evidence mind-blowing professionals are not professionals they don’t know what they’re talking […]

Many talk about ANU changing human DNA that’s correct what we never see are people asking how ANU did this to the humans.
We can see a straightforward answer

The great infinite all Council Of 9., Gathered around laid their hands upon my shoulders saying:

“Come brother, nothing more to see or do. Become the observer of their choices once more, help those in secret to whom you find deserving. Return the night before the dawning.,”

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I went into total despair, my body transformed to 18 stone my life at the time was in ruins.

I used Mind over Matter and transformed my life.

When ANU fell to earth and locked in, the two worlds above and below now shut off by the veil that separated between both worlds. This kept ANU from escaping. The earth fell down into the same dimension with ANU. ARZU and the Alcyon/Pleiadian Empire Sealed off both worlds. Before that moment earth was a paradise place where many ascended beings would come to share knowledge among many celestial worlds that travelled here.

King ARZU of the Rebellion against both dictators of quadrant 9., ARZU and the 18 Empires arrived to correct our error, allowing them to continue when clearly evolution not part of their agenda. King ANU has not learned the errors of his ways. Judgment on ANU still pending.,