Council Of 9., World Government System Audits.,
The G.I.A Intelligence.,
Highest Authority In The Universe.,
On call 24/7 Don’t call us, we shall find you., Commander and Chief: Thoth.,
Once honest who/what I am, who/what I love from the heart “I Am Free.,”
Truth revealed behind Governments all areas of your lives., They have NO Divine Authority or Power of the G.I.A. Their mistakes demonstrated over and over. The G.I.A revealing the truth, peeling back the curtain of deceit to you. Unmasking false systems that led your world astray.
All those on earth who worked at exposing the truth have all been working in secret under the G.I.A Guidance Knowingly and unknowingly.,

Have you ever wanted to access the codes behind everything that exists within our planet? Whereby you can have direct access by calling or dialling the desired frequency harnessing the energy behind the words. Hacking your reality changing your life in a positive new way.

Inside, Mir reaches upon the subject of twin flames, yet it is Mir who discovers her answer, not the teacher. The answer does not live within Mir for the reader; the answer lies within the reader. Thought-provoking Wisdom Solution, Solution Wisdom. The power of question sits within the seeker, not the answer of the teacher. Teach learn, learn teach. Each question touches upon an alternative route of solutions, each solution creates additional questions, the teacher and the pupil are one who seeks and one who listens within the same being. Why the book for young ages? My daughter aged 8 came up with a solution just by observing her outer world filled with questions. Returning with a solution that not even I could have seen coming, she sought the solution of global poverty that none had looked upon. Cheyenne got the solution via observing adults’ daily tasks. Children are more intelligent than we give them credit for.

We created as a pocketbook that’s always on hand no matter where you’re. Also, mobile and iPad version the book is a guiding light to help you during affirming your state. 60 pages of affirmations no-nonsense explanations every few pages we all understand the purpose of affirmations so inside you’ll see the info below, then […]

Children are intelligent the best form of learning is when no answer is given allowing them to dive deep into their creative imagination seeking new and wonderful solutions to questions.
Creating free thinkers where all geniuses begin!

I would only be ready at the right time I actually ever say those words. I am Thoth who once was him. Playing out a similar story with my daughters as my main lesson to show the world. The Gov was Herod crucifying, my daughters. I kept rising back up., Society was to persecute me by turning their backs on me for 25 years. Every time, I spoke the truth about my daughters. So far, all complete. Then comes the biggest test on their belief system the moment I speak those words. Will they place me on a cross and deny me? Judas was Katy Perry.

What you’re about to read might stir your emotions or break your mental patterns of being. It may even send you into doubt. Or it may just reawaken you to the fact that love really is blind. What story has you been sold on? I could be the only person willing to tell you. Maybe you’ll listen; maybe you won’t. The only thing that matters is that you take back your power and decide for yourself. Rediscover all the potential lovers that have passed you by since Twin Flame came to town.

I took on a journey in the middle east, where I was about to discover the truth, what we in the western world had been taught to think regarding Muslims and the Middle East.

9/11 occurred, then 7/7 somehow something was not right, I noticed a long build-up, then two major events soon enough terrorists and ISIS came about; the word terrorists have been changed over the years in the dictionary’s and ISIS is an outrageous misuse of words against women.

Winged Messenger is about how my daughter died, where it sent me to what some might call hell. Carrying my first-born daughter’s coffin alone to her grave in my arms. Life beats me down. I chose to not stay there, I got up and fought back.
I went into total despair, my body transformed to 18 stone my life at the time was in ruins.

Jake an ex-para turned bodyguard after the Iraq war. Hired to protect a celebrity when they fall in love.
Everything goes wrong after she keeps him a secret.
Their worlds fall apart. He returns to the UK with destruction hunting him down to make sure they stay separated.
He calls in the troops for a favour, fresh identity brand new life, with a trail of secrets now behind him.
Operation Pure is underway. Jake carrying the death of an Iraq child caught in a crossfire attack.
Now facing a daunting challenge with his new identity.
Leading them down a slippery slope towards a global civil war.
Will they resolve in time, or have the team gone too far?