Council Of NINE.,

Council Of NINE

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Simplified Powers of Council Of NINE.,

All pathways lead to Saturn.,

Council Of THREE holds the key of all hidden magic, creator he of the halls of the Dead; sending forth power, shrouding with darkness, binding the souls of the children of men; sending the darkness, binding the soul force; director of negative to the children of men. (When one falls into the trapdoor of DARK MAGIC we bound you to us, below us, under our directions, until done with thee., Using The Dark Ones against themselves to release others., Power of 3 a big No,No., He/she who uses blood sacrifice, red wine. Bound to us is thee., So you think you know magic? Think again.,) Never harm, never kill it’s a blood sacrifice., We care not your reasons., Breaking Laws.,

Council Of FOUR is he who looses the power. Lord, he of Life to the children of men. Light is his body, flame is his countenance; freer of souls to the children of men. (He/she who uses “4” falls into a trapdoor of limited power under our call, our rule.,) Use tier “4” Who’s bitch are thee now? Clarity., If you use (4) for misguided intention, POWERLESS are you WHO USED, and FREE are those who you tricked., Thinking this made the people powerless. So you think you know magic? Think again., Did you think 5, and THOTH was a mistake? Use 5 and they have complete freedom., Back out why you still can.,

Council Of FIVE is the master, the Lord of all magic – Key to The Word that resounds among men. (Trumpets of Freedom.,)

Council Of SIX is the Lord of Light, the hidden pathway, path of the souls of the children of men. (Trumpets Of Light.,)

Council Of SEVEN is he who is Lord of the vastness, master of Space and the key of the Times. (Thoth.,)

Council Of EIGHT is she who orders the progress; weighs and balances the journey of men. (A New Ma’at Forming.,)

Council NINE is the father, vast he of countenance, forming and changing from out of the formless. (The Great Infinite ALL., G.I.A.,)

Combine Thoth & Ma’at 7th 8th You locate Horus., He that sees ALL Saturn Station.,

You already know you hear voices coming from the rings of Saturn, or is that us listening to you?

So, Royals, how long have you been planning? One of our finest lived among you., We called him John Dee does the name ring a bell? We have the biggest observation looking glass called SATURN., So you think you know magic? Think Again., Feel free to call him our 007 😉

Can we hear a Call of RA.,

Council of 9., The Biggest Gig In Town.

The G.I.A at the head of council. Saturn the eye of Horus turn Saturn on its side you notice the symbol of an eye. We manage the entire quadrant we have the pineal gland that gives us full access to all sentient life forms even if shutdown for them, not for us. We influence evolution with what you know as angel and devil on the shoulders. We give both now it’s down to you to choose. Choose wisely, for we are watching.

The akashic records our database managed by the operators who give access or denial when intention in misalignment and repeated requests sent. Operator hands over the request to commander who decides on mis-information to give. Removing their request. Each council member has assigned operators and commanders. Based on their number.

If one uses the power of 3, Council of 3 shall govern them until dealt with, they can’t switch to 5, Council of 5 master of all magic., Selling your soul to a devil mis-information you signed yourself up to Council of 3., 3 and 4 trap doors, danger zones., 3 Root. 4 Sacral. 5 Solar plexus. 6 Heart. 7 Throat. 8 3rd eye. 9 Great Infinite ALL., The Crown.,
Active members of Saturn often wear Horus formation tattooed in one location on the back of the neck this denotes an alignment as much as the symbol the alignment points in a direction., Known only to members and Council. Upon seeing the Pyramids of Giza formation wisdom shown within its full integrity.,

To fully develop a species to evolution higher, a council assigned to its monitoring for progress, seldom does a species face elimination a great deal of Fundamental Law must breached triggering the debate. Lack of listening will evoke a final decision whereby one cycle remains with one chance before it reaches culmination. Only lost after that one left, used., Fair and justified under G.I.A.,

I Am Thoth., Born of Venus Previous Companion of Ma’at., Leader of Alcyon.,

with many descendants on Venus, Alcyon and now Earth., I have no other names other than Thoth or Nameless., My point of birth has long since past millions of years ago., I have no point of death I have conscious being of presence an immortal sovereign being., My presence has always been on earth since it began in many shapes and forms., I have no age, for I have lived outside of time. Age requires time to have meaning., Time is a construct of the mind, not a reality.,

I re-entered the earth taking ownership of a body of a boy who died in a fire accident., 19th January 1982., I sit among the High Council of Saturn 9., as 7th & 8th Council., I am Alcyon not Human., I am here to help resolve the Human dilemma you created. As creators of your creators, observers, and participants of your race., Under Authority of High Council G.I.A., I did not come alone., We’re found among the entire planet, among all societies.

Our presence was first felt after world war 2 when we entered your reality on a global level appearing among your skies with our ships. Which continued in isolated experiences whilst we were entering your world one by one since our first appearance in 1940’s., We came in peace our intention was to discover where you went wrong in history and help bring you back on course.,
Thoth., 7th & 8th Council of 9., G.I.A.,

Who created the Alcyon race of love?

Prime Creator who created Prime Creator? The Great Infinite ALL., We were close to the Great Infinite ALL, evolving, earning our role among the universe done directly closest back to ALL Creation., We became natural selection among the Council of 9., The highest privilege among the infinite ALL.,

Alcyon population would make earth feel like a corner in a stadium. Thoth and Ma’at are parents of the entire race. Earth has rulers of perception Alcyon has parents. Alcyon family groups go out, creating other races among the universe. Creators of the Pleiadians, our first. We nurture our race in the art of creation through love. We exist on the 12th dimension among the pleiades as the Alcyon Sun.
Thoth and Ma’at were the first two. Parents throughout all our existence we don’t have a process of death or age. Our appearance similar to human likeness.

Alcyon children come into existence similar to your own without pain. The process begins in thought, between two a process of sex as you call it, a process of love, physical, mental, an emotional experience. Women on earth pre-wired to understand so were men until detached. When the mother feels ready, she gives birth, no waiting period if not required by her. We refer to you as a woman or man, yet we know you’re both. If we decide to engage in sex without a childbirth, that must begin in thought first. That’s considered contraception. One earth nation can be children of two parents or one. We have no limits., Life means celebration.,

Children grow within nurturing love, not age. Children reach a level whereby they choose a desired state of physical appearance they can remain or change. Main gender the first decision the child makes. Children make all their own decisions with our guidance.
We had an option to remove sex as a physical process we kept because of Joy, happy, fun aspects it carried. We base a lot of human wonderful traits on our own what we understand works well. We have no way to describe our names apart from Nameless how we recognise each other we have no human words to describe a clear understanding. Naming Joy as the meaning of life, a near accurate assumption to make on earth.

We have a process similar understanding of twins, however that’s because of one child choosing the same appearance. Human race would ask are they clones we would say No. Recognition undescribable format with human language. Words are tricky.

On earth human manifestation using their minds can take time to develop. On Alcyon we create instantaneous we think therefore it becomes. Same way we built the pyramids in Egypt. Same method of travel.
Intention for the earth was evolving the species higher, becoming similar to ourselves seeking alternative possibilities of creation the process always earned. The earth a living entity same as a human being. She can regenerate herself. She has full leadership over all weather patterns. When she evolves, humans prepare to evolve with her or not. The ending of Mayan Time keeping. Marks the time for the process.

When you recognise earth in self, you recognise the same among the heavens. Metaphor: a flea needs a body like a body needs a flea. The two go together, working in harmony. If disharmony occurs, the body causes a catapult effect., When a race has ejected from a body planet, then it takes on a new role on an Ether level. a symbol of learning in most terms. Or a new race takes its place.
Neighbouring planets once carried an understanding of their history, process and learning., Not their purpose anymore.

Every race has a system, the difference among the infinite ALL greater plan being we create systems of nurturing. A race without a system has no direction, no evolution, no future. The issue we observe regarding earth systems based on destruction. Which causes disharmony, which turns paradises into desert planets. Harmony builds paradises. When disharmony occurs, the race has a certain time within the cycle to turn around., the phrase concept “Running out of time” born of this principle.,

When a group among the entire race revolt, cry revolution, create obstacles, go in protest, denial of a system what’s occurring disharmony the individual species recognises fully in their hearts something is wrong with the system. When the system refuses to listen or evolve, the universe arrives to assist to help bring it back online, back on course, before ending of cycles what you might call symbolically the sound of trumpets. The star families on earth are your trumpet.,

Karma a misunderstood meaning not a tool for floating leaves of revenge, or inner discontent smugness. Karma as a word definition formed of these very reasons thrown around like a rag doll. It’s created for one purpose, evolving the race and the individual lives of the race. A gift, not a punishment. A clear window indicator into the causes created. Allowing a solution visualised. Which inturn helps in evolution.

Alcyon Children.,

Do not fight, hate, especially harm. They learn about the universal laws they learn about other species they and many species use earth as a learning platform via a live evolutionary process experiment they can compare earths action with universal law to know its truths fully comprehending reasons. Earth not designed for that purpose proved invaluable. We teach Alcyon children to nurture all Life.,

Pleiades was our creation we nurtured them into a higher level of being. Once they achieved the status, they were ready to create their own race. The Human life came into being in a flash. The pleiades now learn to evolve the species to reach a higher level of consciousness. That’s where the testing format with dark and light comes into being. Their intention to create a highly evolved loving, peaceful race similar to themselves.

If earth succeeds in higher evolution, they continue to learn eventually become creators of their own race. Which they must also create a successful higher conscious race. Each race moves up higher in consciousness. Alcyon Grandparents of Earth Humans, there are those who created us in the days of Venus. All reaching back to the source of all life/creation in the universe a point of being The Great Infinite ALL.

Among all levels of higher consciousness creation of billions of races, spread out across the ALL. A management of systems installed in place, the Council Of 9., belongs to this sector. Many Councils exist throughout all systems all dimensions sat on each council The Great Infinite All.,

A destruction race makes this error during its evolution. Never joins the greater plan. predominantly removed if the race causes too much harm. We thrive even for their re-evolvement where possible, depending upon their actions. Deletion of races not taken lightly nor rushed ongoing multiple violations would grant a debate.,

None of us acknowledge the term God as a fact of meaning. A man-made concept derived from hazy human filters of perception perceived than written “Bibles and scriptures”. Yet in human majority concept of this world the word God leads to The Great Infinite All., Even though Pleidians are the Creators they create for the Great Infinite All.,

When Alcyon created Pleiades we did for Infinite All., not for us to rule over or control in any format based on destruction. To purely nurture, as all leadership maintained in the hierarchy of the Great Infinite All’s Plan.

Fundamental law states any abuse on children completely violates law and Life even the assistance of such violation. Earth Violated 7th Member of the Council of 9., Children on earth although we couldn’t become something that we are not and just harm. Love held in place, yet the violation occurred. Has occurred on earth more than any races before. Which has led to the final debate. How you respond to this matter will have a significant effect on the outcome.,

You fight create wars upon each other; you harm no one but yourself., Human beings among all countries upon earth are one race. Not different nor separate woven created as one race of earth.,

You must understand the critical seriousness of your position among the universe we have always laid down the signs. We have laid the words you hear inside our video available for time existed throughout time., We capitalise letters and words for reasons not always obvious. Within The Great Infinite ALL’s Higher Plan (All Love Life = ALL.,)