Category: CTA4

Dread Man Character

Dread Man Character Apply G3 motions for fast animations. 5 gun props. 10 gun explosions. 1 Gun shot SFX. 2 colour Yellow and Green wardrobe. 1 weed joint. All PNG […]

Dread Man In Jamaica Animation Character

Dread Man In Jamaica Animation Character. Began on a cold winter’s day, two shapes that looked like a fingernail. Creativity kicked in and Dread was being birthed. Dread took control […]

Cartoon Animator 4 Packs

Cartoon Animator 4 Packs 1 and 2 CTA4 Cartoon Woodland Tree Pack 2 for animation. Bone rigged model for swaying in the wind. Rigged with G3 Free Bone Character. Made […]