Fife Tay Bridge fife Fife View from Tay Bridge Fife Tay Bridge

Fife View from Tay Bridge

Fife View from Tay Bridge.

Fife a view never seen from the bridge of Tay, Tayport on the left Newport-On-Tay on the right.

I’ve walked this bridge what feels like a zillion times. I counted every post 150 to be exact until I got bored with counting. Watched the 6 oil rigs become 4, then 5, then back to 6, first time I noticed it shocked me: who stole the oil rig?

One day looking over across to Tayport I noticed an oil rig by the harbour? No, fuck off that wasn’t there? OK, who’s playing games? Until I realised, oh, you can move them around. OK, you got me on that one 🙂

I counted the cameras, the boxes, no way was I going to attempt counting cars. You spot someone walking ahead of you, then you play the game of catch up, who can walk faster 🙂 The fun of Tay Bridge. How many miles is Tay Bridge? feels like 20 miles when you’re walking you know the end is soon or sooner or maybe another 5 minutes to go, keep going your be fine. Whatever you do, don’t count the posts, can’t you see I stole them 🙂 it doesn’t make it go faster, funny enough, flowing taking in the wonderful view does. Go to Fife visit Tay bridge just because it can mess with you lots. Most of all, it’s breathtaking.

I wondered why so many from Dundee walk across to Tayport or Newport. Maybe I’m too dumb to see the obvious. It could be the serene peacefulness of breathtaking openness of the open land. The need to get back to nature. Makes sense to me why to do the bridge walk.

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If I’m honest, I would remove those light posts and go all new age place round lights that beam up from the bridge walkway in place of those posts. I removed them as they take so much away from the beauty that’s all around. Lights on the floor make it beautiful to walk day or night. What a spectacular view, sure would stand out from any other bridge. That’s what I would do to put it on the map.

I walked the streets of Baku city what astounded me was the spectacular light display the city turns into. I rated it first class, never seen a city look amazing. To walk among lights below your feet. Lights everywhere, beaming into the night sky. If you ever thought London lights were good, it has nothing on Baku. We are talking Dubai beauty.

A walk way that moved like an escalator only not going up or down takes you along the road 🙂 I had seen nothing until I witnessed that one. Secretly I was oh, shit you lazy ass fuckers, I love it 🙂

Fife_Tay_Bridge_Lights fife Fife View from Tay Bridge Fife Tay Bridge Lights

Original what a difference it makes without those posts 🙂

fife Fife View from Tay Bridge Original Bridge

Fife Tay Bridge fife Fife View from Tay Bridge Fife Tay Bridge

Tay Bridge, Newport-on-Tay Side View

Tay Bridge Newport-on-Tay Side View fife Fife View from Tay Bridge Tay Bridge Newport on Tay Side View scaled

Plus, if you’re a witch wizard or warlock, Scotland would be the place to visit. Every Witch knows why Scotland be important. A witch a required asset of nature.,


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