GOVERNMENT Vs Humanity Hearing 14th January 2021 Sentencing: DONALD TRUMP

Government Vs Humanity Hearing 14th January 2021

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Case against the GOVERNMENT Vs Humanity 14th January 2021 19:19PM

Case One: ALL COMPANIES who accepted loans from the GOVERNMENT from their £350 Billion handout because of COVID-19 All repayable loans terminated. Transformed into “Humanitarian Grant Aid” whereby NO REPAYMENT required. All Money Tax Exempt. Actioned under Law 3 of G.I.A Heart Based Action and Law 1. Fundamental Law.

Case Two: All Tax and VAT now abolished no HUMAN BEING required to pay any TAX or VAT. Actioned under Law 1 Fundamental Law. Law 3 of G.I.A Heart Based Action shall take its place. TAX abolished. Anyone found paying will be guilty of conspiring to pervert the course of justice Aiding and abetting in CHILD SEX ABUSE.

Verdict: We find the GOVERNMENT Guilty on all charges against them: Sex exploitation of children. Physical, emotional and mental abuse of Children. Exploiting humanity via the unaware use of TAX and VAT. Under Law 1, and Law 6.

The Convicted GOVERNMENT: No rights of appeal. Our final Judgement. 14th January 2021 at 19:19PM

A global Judgement: Any Country GOVERNMENT associated with the UNITED KINGDOM GOVERNMENT falls under this judgement. Effective immediately.

Furthermore, all human beings who feel unjustly treated in the infamous deception may seek compensation from the said GOVERNMENT.

More proceedings are underway. Nobody called in to hearings. If we do not see the alleged taking accountability for their actions when presented to them publically. Not doing will cause a final judgement with no right of appeal. Our decision is final. Justice Great Infinite ALL., High Council Of 9.,


Case Three: We find DONALD TRUMP GUILTY of Murder under Law 1. Fundamental Law. Law 2 and Law 6. Misleading the female into her innocent death. Shot dead at the command of DONALD TRUMP.

DONALD TRUMP Guilty of Murder. No rights of appeal. Our Judgement Final. 14th January 2021 at 20:37PM. Justice Great Infinite ALL., High Council Of 9.,

Sentencing: DONALD TRUMP

DONALD TRUMP President of UNITED STATES CORPORATION found guilty of Murder. DONALD TRUMP will live out he’s last days in contemplation of he’s deeds. Upon the 9 years, DONALD TRUMP shall enter the void whereby he’s spirit/soul/conscious essence removed/deleted from all existence. Violation of Fundamental Law DONALD TRUMP final one violation fully depleted. DONALD TRUMP you have 9 years to prepare for a last plea among High Council of 9., Sentencing: DONALD TRUMP before Saturn High Council of 9., whereby immediate deletion will begin.



Case Four: We order all MILITARY SOLDIERS to return home to their families and children. You have been lied to by all corrupt GOVERNMENTS found guilty of harming CHILDREN.

Return home you will receive a full pardon relating to immoral illegal wars, unjustly murders. For those who benefited through money. Return home and protect your CHILDREN and families from the guilty.

Every SOLDIER granted permission to seek compensation from the GOVERNMENTS in question for yourselves and each direct member of your families.

Our Judgement Final. 14th January 2021 at 21:07PM.

Justice Great Infinite ALL., High Council Of 9.,

List Of G.I.A Laws

1. Fundamental Law: Priority Children Matter.,
2. All Life respected: Treated equal among ALL.,
3. Heart Based Action: Currency.,
4. Selfless Magik: Encouraged through higher learning.,
5. Sovereign Rights Protection: G.I.A., laws met and practiced.,
6. Dishonesty: Not an accepted behaviour. Observation undertaken from Council of 9., Monitoring Station.,   
7. Decision Making: Based on transparent intention.,   
8. Errors: Accepted as development process providing correction met under G.I.A Guidance.,   
9. Equality: One world Race welcomed into G.I.A Living.,   
10. Health: Medical facilities stressed shifts reduced., Aided with the assistance of the healing arts. Enhanced self healing schools provided.,   
11. Education: 5 days a week 3 hours a day exam free schooling in G.I.A Heart Based Intention Living, Maths, Language, Self Healing, Meditation, and Practical Nature Skills. Free Creative Thinking Encouraged. Science and Spirituality Combined. Heart Math Technology Included. From Ages 7 to 18. – Ages 18 to 21. Optional Higher learning: Higher Multi-Dimensional Training.,   
12. Wealth: Defined by Heart Based Intention Contribution.,   
13. TV and Film: Managed by Gaia TV Network Healthy Living.,   
14. Police Force: Re-established as G.I.A Peace Keepers. Heart Based Contribution Determines Rank – for a defined period of time to transition from one to another.,
15. Weapons: No weapons. Only tools for building any other use counts as a violation asked to leave includes Police G.I.A Peace Keepers.

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