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If thee can feel the music like I can then thou partnership would feel like this music dance of beautiful greatness a union of souls.,
Life will always feel this way together if not maybe something is missing.,

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In life Always forgive. Always love the impossible. Always smile because you're Possible.

I Am Thoth Charles.

Lover writer of erotica fiction and non-fiction. Tasteful sexuality that enhances a person not degrades. Sex is a powerful gift of the gods sacred in all areas when used wisely. Alternative worlds can be unlocked, sex is an access key to other dimensions.
I am a believer of not sleeping around as many energy dangers come from this way of life with multiple partners for the sake of self-gratification, it’s not worth the risk. Sex is not an urge thee itch when the need comes knocking, it's about self-control and managing that urge doing so allows accessing parts of self never discovered.,

Sex is not about procreation, that's an urge that thee itch when the clock ticks when it happens because of a biological clock ticking means it was not genuine nor sacred it was due to survival mindset a means to an end.

With masculine and feminine, masculine gives siemens to the feminine she gains energy from this process which the same is true for masculine taking from the feminine not siemen, yet menstrual blood, yet in society man taught that her blood is something to fear or run from this shows up in ways man runs from mood changes this turns man away from her sacred blood. How many men have realised her blood is sacred and should honour her cycle if she offers to thee.

In ancient times this was a sacred practice. They have taught man to kill to gain blood, it's not the feminine menstrual blood so its powerless blood. The feminine blood is sacred if thee as a man can accept such a gift from her then thee are a divine partnership. Honour her cycle.

Marriage our solution improvement approach
Will make a world of difference. Place rings on the right hand, not
the left, the left means receiving and if both have received, then
nobody is giving. If both are taking then who’s doing the giving?
Generates discontent, hatred arguments, not feeling heard until the
divorce. Everybody is taking why nobody gives. Sound familiar?

When thee both wear on the right hand both are giving which means both automatically are receiving its balance restored. Giving and receiving are in harmony once more.,

That’s the only tweak thee require the results will prove themselves in time. Be Happy that’s all thee need and want., :)

A little more expansion on the topic masculine and feminine can both reach other dimensions alone through masturbation, yet men seldom know or understand this possibility. How does a man achieve because a woman can do this naturally she feels a climax not between her legs only she feels it riveting through her entire body.

Yet man feels gratification firing out from one direction. Yet when a man learns to not do this instead of firing outward, he fires upward, inward inside himself from the root chakra into the crown chakra out into the 12th chakra he has achieved he too shall feel how the feminine feels a climax.

That’s quite an achievement that can take years of practice. Yet one realises when one reaches genuine achievement he becomes alive cannot sleep, creativity flows through him like a rocket on heat. That’s a clear sign of success and the feeling. Now one directs himself out into the universe a freeborn traveller of the stars., There is so much more to sex than anyone has been taught before.,

When a man has achieved this climbing of a mountain within himself, both can do the same together now the man has to go in two directions at the same time outward and upwards within., It's the give and take the push and pull between two during climax the cosmic dance. If the feminine is not fussy, both can go in the same direction thee can create instant manifestation together with the same identical goal when setting out on this journey together., Yet of course, thee wouldn't want to do this with just anyone. Hence the reason to guard thou energy through multiple partners.

Man can become powerfully in tune when he transforms a visual mind into an inner mind of feeling. We could liken it to being given a skeleton key to every door within the universe no doors locked.,

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A Dance Of Beautiful Greatness A Union Of Souls.,