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I can’t recover Two daughters. I can’t recover 7 companies they destroyed. I can’t recover 33,000 music fans. I can’t recover 12 years' work of building my artist name back. I can’t recover 10 years working day and night through the night to rebuild my life after what the government did to my daughters. I gave up a social life to make all that become my reality. I CAN SELL both these books and recover something what I lost, not the things money can’t buy yet it will help.
These are the reasons for this page. Thank you.

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Message from me.,

In life things happen, it's not about what you go through more how you choose to respond to such challenges. I will always know I was the bigger person. Model that way as your way and you won't go far off course. Always forgive. Always love the impossible. Always smile because you're Possible.

I Am Thoth Charles.

This website is a hint of how deep I came in life, an expression of the massive cross I hauled on my back for 30 years.
I present three books to your left or below if using mobile.
Revealing the British Government and their filthy hidden secrets they inflicted on my way of life for 14 years. I carried my daughter to her grave in my arms. Katy Perry and Capitol Records, who took it upon themselves to damage without purpose. Southern Housing who thought it was OK to cause damage whilst none of these individuals considered what secrets I was packing through history. When they found out none of them met me to apologise or correct.

I gave all plenty of opportunities to resolve with me in person, that’s the adult way to do. The right thing to do. All done in public, the world as my witness. Thus I gave up giving them a chance to work out, when they went into a fresh assault on my life repeatedly in secret. So I created the books.
NOT to hurt anyone, my word is clear no matter who you “think” you might be, it does not give you the right to operate in such ways to me or anyone.Society, no matter what, YOU do not have to settle with anyone’s naïve foolishness. If they can’t act like sensible grown adults, you hold them accountable. And never assume you’re unfair in doing so.NOBODY OWN’s this earth, In fact, the earth OWNS YOU when you're dead where does your body return? The Earth.
These books are me setting history right. I have rewritten both. Plus lowered the value.
If I created these books without offering a chance to resolve, thus it would be me who is in error. I did the right thing.
Use peace the right way first. Hold accountable publically second.

I can’t get back Two daughters. I can’t recover 7 companies they took part in destroying, I can’t recover 33,000 music fans, I can’t recover 12 years' work of building my artist brand back. I can’t recover 10 years working day and night to reconstruct my life after what the regime/government did to my daughters. I gave up a social life to recreate a fresh life. I CAN SELL both these books recovering something I lost, not the things money can’t buy yet it will help. They are accountable to find a solution and create a better future for all.

(You’ll find the accompanying names inside Taylor Swift, Jessie J, Britney Spears, Selena Gomez. None has anything to do with what Katy Perry and Capitol Records did. As far as I know. They were an inspiration.)

For years I applied music to communicate a message, occasionally just one line. I found it better to say using others' songs.
The one below by Schiller & Keta was the song I shared again and again. Hoping those above and inside the books would eventually understand the most noticeable message, which was every word Keta says!

The song lyrics themselves explain my method of getting through everything! To overcome the greatest pain which is a Perfect Work of Art!
You will find more information here, Thoth Octave
Thank you for supporting me which helps support your truth being revealed.
You can download the free book which is condensed version here Whistle Blower Stand Up and Be Counted.

The British and American Police now have a duty to society to investigate both the British Government and Katy Perry And all involved. Protect and Serve and keep the peace. Children Matter.And to investigate why Boris Johnson has been allowed to lie again and again. No excuses. Not acceptable.


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Confessions of a Bodyguard: Operation Pure, The Hero’s Last Stand. 

Jake an ex-para turned bodyguard after the Iraq war. Hired to protect a celebrity when they fall in love.
Everything goes wrong after she keeps him a secret.
Their worlds fall apart. He returns to the UK with destruction hunting him down to make sure they stay separated.

He calls in the troops for a favour, fresh identity brand new life, with a trail of secrets now behind him.
Operation Pure is underway. Jake carrying the death of an Iraq child caught in a crossfire attack.
Now facing a daunting challenge with his new identity.
Leading them down a slippery slope towards a global civil war.
Will they resolve in time, or have the team gone too far?

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