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I don’t agree with what LISA MONTGOMERY did.

You cannot change something by fighting fire with fire, all you achieve is keep the fire burning. Allowing others to keep on doing. Only water can put out a fire. This woman made an error same as anyone in life.

If you truly believe a life for a life. Than surely everyone in GOVERNMENT must be executed, if true. They are responsible for my first daughter’s death and Kidnapping of my second and then brutally destroying her life.

Yet I don’t want anyone to execute them for this. I want justice, yes, for all children. IF I as a father can harm nobody physically after these deeds, then where is the sense of humanity in killing this woman? What will you change? Nothing. You can’t bring back BOBBI JO or the baby. Trust me, I know.

If you kill her, then you’re saying people like BORIS JOHNSON, DONALD TRUMP, JOE BIDEN should hang as well. Yet I disagree with such an action. Yet I am the one who carried my daughter in my arms to her grave. I speak openly and honestly to you. It’s not the right way. Keep her in prison, never take a life. If you take her life than you are no better than her.

I tell you as a father, as a human, as high council, I give you the words of God. We will not excuse your actions. She will face god in gods time not anyone elses.

So please listen. JOE BIDEN if you have never made an error in your life then please make sure it’s you who does. If you don’t listen you be the man if you have done no error and your heart is pure.

If not, then you accept that every member of GOVERNMENT around the world is guilty and must also be executed. By your own actions. That’s what the action will speak to everyone. Make sure your skeleton closet is clean. If I can be this way than what stops you?

If DONALD TRUMP has anything to do with this, then what about the FEMALE PROTESTOR shot dead in Washington protest he instigated her death. Shall we execute him also? See, two wrongs don’t make a right. Learn from this, not make her same error.

Don’t mis-interpret me yes I give people a hard time over taking accountability yet never would I want them to die. I’ve seen enough death of those I loved. You’re as much connected to me as anyone.

If you find it difficult to listen to your heart. Then please hear the man who carried his child in his arms. The most precious gift in life. Listen to him tell you the truth., As the voice of BOBBI JO.,

I tell you with all my heart. When I carried CHELSEA in my arms in that little coffin alone, it was the hardest thing I ever done. I wouldn’t allow anyone to carry her but me. My father walked behind me, ready to catch me if I fell.

People used to say I can’t imagine what that felt like. I tell you with all my heart, executing those responsible could never fix the broken heart I walked around with for years. It changes nothing. It will never bring her back. Her short life means something, and so do those who were responsible. So help me god my words speak truth.,

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