My journey has been teaching an important lesson to all who witness my ways of being among the dense fog of life. Living through the murky waters of ego and drama, through balancing dark and light. Teaching FEARLESSNESS, I am not showing what to do, opening a window for you to see the power lives inside you.

UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT under Due Process Clause is found in both the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, which prohibits arbitrary deprivation of life, liberty, or property by the government except as authorized by law.

You’re hereby sanctioned to carry out our instruction against KATY PERRY demanding her final bill paid in full the sum of £28,500,000 Pound Sterling to Thoth Charles., contact Thoth: alcyon@ iamthoth .com
Each Fined For encouraging KATY PERRY’S actions. We order you to pay under universal law immediately the Total £1 Million. Penalty Per ARTIST NAME. All new artists that sign to the above labels fall directly under our fine. With a 10% Royalty share on all earnings for the next 25 years payable to Thoth Charles With an increase at our instruction until paid in full. Branded Aiding and abetting Child Abuse: Thanks to KATY PERRY. You have no rights of appeal. Our final Judgement. 16th January 2021 at 19:26PM Justice Great Infinite ALL., Council Of 9.,

We summon UNITED KINGDOM/BRITISH GOVERNMENT and KATY PERRY £19,000,000 for Thoth, a further £19,000,000 for Cheyenne. £19,000,000 for Mother of Cheyenne. Tax Exempt, for the period of 25 years for the physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse for the destruction of both my daughters CHELSEA and Cheyenne and 7 companies. . Totalling £57,000,000 in compensation damages.
UNITED KINGDOM/BRITISH GOVERNMENT and KATY PERRY fined. £57,000,000 You have no rights of appeal. Our final Judgement. 14th January 2021 at 13:57PM Justice Great Infinite ALL., Council Of 9.,

You want someone to Blame? British Government. Boris Johnson, USA Government Donald Trump. Katy Perry Orlando Bloom. Universal Records. Capitol Records. Come on Vladmir Putin Козёл

If you kill her, then you’re saying people like BORIS JOHNSON, DONALD TRUMP, JOE BIDEN should hang as well. Yet I disagree with such an action. Yet I am the one who carried my daughter in my arms to her grave. I speak openly and honestly to you. It’s not the right way. Keep her in prison, never take a life. If you take her life than you are no better than her.

Katy Perry, do you advocate the safety and protection of children with ALL CHILDREN?

Emery Smith, ex-military soldier who gives details about the advanced technology used as a super soldier in the secret space program, Earth Defense Force. This includes weaponry that uses smart bullets, which a target cannot evade, and directed energy weapons that can fire through walls. He also describes the updated technology in battle suits and cloaked vehicles. Most of these things have been in place for decades. With the advent of the overt Space Force.

Sentencing: DONALD TRUMP
Case One: ALL COMPANIES who accepted loans from the GOVERNMENT from their £350 Billion handout because of COVID-19 All repayable loans terminated. Transformed into “Humanitarian Grant Aid” whereby NO REPAYMENT required. All Money Tax Exempt. Actioned under Law 3 of G.I.A Heart Based Action and Law 1. Fundamental Law.
Case Two: All Tax and VAT now abolished no HUMAN BEING required to pay any TAX or VAT. Actioned under Law 1 Fundamental Law. Law 3 of G.I.A Heart Based Action shall take its place. TAX abolished. Anyone found paying will be guilty of conspiring to pervert the course of justice Aiding and abetting in CHILD SEX ABUSE.

Do you know the difference between the Law of the Land and the Law of the Sea? Jordan Maxwell discusses how Maritime Admiralty Law works and it’s origins in this very revealing videos. Understanding of words is vital to surviving in these times. Moves the S in words and it becomes the word sword. The true definition of Citizen is an employee of the Government Corporation. Are you a citizen? You are owned since birth and your Social Security number is traded on the Stock Market. Learn what Maritime Admiralty is and where it comes from. Jordan Maxwell gives us a better under-standing of how banking, government, and the law of the land and the law of the sea work. Relates to all COUNTRIES. Don’t be fooled.,

Well done, Madison, you hit it right on the nail. People chose ABUNDANCE over right and wrong, so children putting them first came last because money was all that mattered in spirituality way too many frauds all out for money no matter who got hurt. Worst of all, CHILDREN. Spiritual community like Mind Valley, Abraham […]

Why did I go on a mission to the Middle East? All for you BORIS JOHNSON. UNITED KINGDOM GOVERNMENT, I fill you in on the details I’m about to make allies and enemies in one mission. Yes, was doing a movie and writing a script: great cover story, perfect. You hurt both my daughters you never once said sorry or held yourselves accountable. I see the damage you did to my daughter I was there it was me picking up the pieces you did from the multiple rapes, to term in the priory it was me who supported her, me who was by her side. No one else came. Everyone gave up on her.