Vladimir Putin, will you meet me?

Dear Vladimir Putin, I want to interview you I trust you, will you trust me I will ask all the right questions I can see how intelligent you’re and I can also see the western media BS. What do you think Vladimir will you meet me? I will come alone to the Kremlin that’s how much I trust you. You have full control if you air the interview. Send me a plane ticket. Thank you. Your friend Thoth. The ticket name should be Jay Robert Charles passport in the old name.

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Vladimir Putin will you meet me?

Reasons why I like Vladimir Putin

haha tell them how it really is Putin and she has the title of expert haha let’s hope the UK experts are not this dumb god help us haha

Kelly, you are fired empty your desk at once miss. of course, Putin knows and guess what so do I 😛 When did you last fly to the middle east haha