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Don't Believe Them

Don’t Believe Them – Thoth

Thoth Octave

Dont Believe Them

Don’t Believe Them – Thoth

Don’t Believe Them
(Written by Tamara Flerinskaia

Verse 1:
Tell me what you see
When you travel in your dreams
Does something make you doubt reality?

Look at the perfect picture
At the brilliant sea and sky
Do you suspect something is hidden behind?

Sleeping wide-awake –
Is that the way you feel?
The truth is out there
It’s been carefully concealed

You look around but can’t believe, can’t believe
Don’t believe your eyes!
Get ready to lose it all, lose it all
To reveal their lies

Nobody can set you free, set you free
If you believe your eyes
Get ready to wake up
Don’t believe your eyes…