Katy NO one owns that music audio but ME. Label Worx the guys you used before.
You trashed 7 companies already. This just validates everything I have revealed on this site. I have nothing to lose.

ANU Update 22nd January 2021: Anu finally surfaced during the night gave me a visit launched an attack ANU got nowhere. Nobody needs an introduction to who summoned ANU to my domain. During the attack Alcyon flocked to my domain, launching a counterattack. ANU vanished with his tail between he’s legs. ANU was attempting to take over my body, take control of my actions.

Why would I say that, well easy, everyone is…
“Ye shall know them by their fruits.” – Matthew 7:16

UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT under Due Process Clause is found in both the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, which prohibits arbitrary deprivation of life, liberty, or property by the government except as authorized by law.

You’re hereby sanctioned to carry out our instruction against KATY PERRY demanding her final bill paid in full the sum of £28,500,000 Pound Sterling to Thoth Charles., contact Thoth: alcyon@ iamthoth .com
Each Fined For encouraging KATY PERRY’S actions. We order you to pay under universal law immediately the Total £1 Million. Penalty Per ARTIST NAME. All new artists that sign to the above labels fall directly under our fine. With a 10% Royalty share on all earnings for the next 25 years payable to Thoth Charles With an increase at our instruction until paid in full. Branded Aiding and abetting Child Abuse: Thanks to KATY PERRY. You have no rights of appeal. Our final Judgement. 16th January 2021 at 19:26PM Justice Great Infinite ALL., Council Of 9.,

We summon UNITED KINGDOM/BRITISH GOVERNMENT and KATY PERRY £19,000,000 for Thoth, a further £19,000,000 for Cheyenne. £19,000,000 for Mother of Cheyenne. Tax Exempt, for the period of 25 years for the physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse for the destruction of both my daughters CHELSEA and Cheyenne and 7 companies. . Totalling £57,000,000 in compensation damages.
UNITED KINGDOM/BRITISH GOVERNMENT and KATY PERRY fined. £57,000,000 You have no rights of appeal. Our final Judgement. 14th January 2021 at 13:57PM Justice Great Infinite ALL., Council Of 9.,

Why did I go on a mission to the Middle East? All for you BORIS JOHNSON. UNITED KINGDOM GOVERNMENT, I fill you in on the details I’m about to make allies and enemies in one mission. Yes, was doing a movie and writing a script: great cover story, perfect. You hurt both my daughters you never once said sorry or held yourselves accountable. I see the damage you did to my daughter I was there it was me picking up the pieces you did from the multiple rapes, to term in the priory it was me who supported her, me who was by her side. No one else came. Everyone gave up on her.

You want someone to Blame? British Government. Boris Johnson, USA Government Donald Trump. Katy Perry Orlando Bloom. Universal Records. Capitol Records. Come on Vladmir Putin Козёл


Governments of the world here is what your own people won’t tell you. Those lies you started with added more lies to cover existing ones and kept on digging that hole. You have gone so deep in that hole anyone and everyone can bury you in that hole. Your lack of accountability has helped you do it to yourselves. You can get yourselves out of that hole, of course you can. By doing what you should have done in the first place. Taking accountability for your lies and your actions.

If you kill her, then you’re saying people like BORIS JOHNSON, DONALD TRUMP, JOE BIDEN should hang as well. Yet I disagree with such an action. Yet I am the one who carried my daughter in my arms to her grave. I speak openly and honestly to you. It’s not the right way. Keep her in prison, never take a life. If you take her life than you are no better than her.