Inside, Mir reaches upon the subject of twin flames, yet it is Mir who discovers her answer, not the teacher. The answer does not live within Mir for the reader; the answer lies within the reader. Thought-provoking Wisdom Solution, Solution Wisdom. The power of question sits within the seeker, not the answer of the teacher. Teach learn, learn teach. Each question touches upon an alternative route of solutions, each solution creates additional questions, the teacher and the pupil are one who seeks and one who listens within the same being. Why the book for young ages? My daughter aged 8 came up with a solution just by observing her outer world filled with questions. Returning with a solution that not even I could have seen coming, she sought the solution of global poverty that none had looked upon. Cheyenne got the solution via observing adults’ daily tasks. Children are more intelligent than we give them credit for.