Why did I go on a mission to the Middle East? All for you BORIS JOHNSON. UNITED KINGDOM GOVERNMENT, I fill you in on the details I’m about to make allies and enemies in one mission. Yes, was doing a movie and writing a script: great cover story, perfect. You hurt both my daughters you never once said sorry or held yourselves accountable. I see the damage you did to my daughter I was there it was me picking up the pieces you did from the multiple rapes, to term in the priory it was me who supported her, me who was by her side. No one else came. Everyone gave up on her.

You want someone to Blame? British Government. Boris Johnson, USA Government Donald Trump. Katy Perry Orlando Bloom. Universal Records. Capitol Records. Come on Vladmir Putin Козёл


Governments of the world here is what your own people won’t tell you. Those lies you started with added more lies to cover existing ones and kept on digging that hole. You have gone so deep in that hole anyone and everyone can bury you in that hole. Your lack of accountability has helped you do it to yourselves. You can get yourselves out of that hole, of course you can. By doing what you should have done in the first place. Taking accountability for your lies and your actions.

If you kill her, then you’re saying people like BORIS JOHNSON, DONALD TRUMP, JOE BIDEN should hang as well. Yet I disagree with such an action. Yet I am the one who carried my daughter in my arms to her grave. I speak openly and honestly to you. It’s not the right way. Keep her in prison, never take a life. If you take her life than you are no better than her.

Katy Perry, do you advocate the safety and protection of children with ALL CHILDREN?

Me, you every good honest person in society love, care, protect our children, we would go to any length for them. Right? 8 million people standing up for CHILDREN, for starters. That’s what good Fathers and Mothers do for their children. Imagine the entire world now doing the same.

That was us, Alcyon
1942 you fired on us without reason you gave us everything you had. Do you remember?
Well, that was the problem right there. We did nothing but observe you, and you Attacked us for no good reason.

An example “I am highly courageous man” yet in order for that fact I had to do many courageous things in life, so my words held firm TRUTH in all my being. That’s the magic to any affirmations.

Council Of 9., World Government System Audits.,
The G.I.A Intelligence.,
Highest Authority In The Universe.,
On call 24/7 Don’t call us, we shall find you., Commander and Chief: Thoth.,
Once honest who/what I am, who/what I love from the heart “I Am Free.,”
Truth revealed behind Governments all areas of your lives., They have NO Divine Authority or Power of the G.I.A. Their mistakes demonstrated over and over. The G.I.A revealing the truth, peeling back the curtain of deceit to you. Unmasking false systems that led your world astray.
All those on earth who worked at exposing the truth have all been working in secret under the G.I.A Guidance Knowingly and unknowingly.,