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Prime Creator, The Divine Mother

I would only be ready at the right time I actually ever say those words. I am Thoth who once was him. Playing

Twin Flames Love is Blind Are You Ready For The Truth

What you’re about to read might stir your emotions or break your mental patterns of being. It may even

Winged Messenger: Spirits Above The Challenge

Winged Messenger is about how my daughter died, where it sent me to what some might call hell. Carrying

Mystery Behind The Middle East Movement

I took on a journey in the middle east, where I was about to discover the truth, what we in the western world had

Confessions of a Bodyguard: Operation Pure, The Hero’s Last Stand

Jake an ex-para turned bodyguard after the Iraq war. Hired to protect a celebrity when they fall in love.

Alcyon Teachings Of Thoth

Alcyon teachings of Thoth Upon Alcyon and beyond other star systems answers never given to the pupil

Alcyon 2: Thoth The Eternal Blue Flame

Wisdom of Alcyon I am Thoth the one from your legends in time. Time is that of a destination a point. A