The Ascension of Venus.,

The Ascension of Venus

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There lived a race similar to earth experienced a global virus, they lied to make slaves of its people claimed in their benefit to save them from dying. The people had enough the entire race entered the streets in peaceful protest. The liars frightened them. A man and woman, THOTH and MA’AT stood forward and said the vital words. “Or what you will shoot us? I thought you were doing it to save us”

The crowd yelled live in slavery or live in truth; we have nothing to lose. Shoot us if you want, we have nothing to fear. A young child daughter of THOTH And MA’AT approached the soldier. Pulled on his jacket he leant forward and she whispered “sir you may shoot me if you want it’s OK I still love you” Those holding guns looked at each other, realising what they had done to themselves. Placing down the guns upon the floor, they see for the first time the truth. The people that day saved its entire race. They rounded up those who caused such problems placed them in exile where they shall remain.

New leaders formed THOTH & MA’AT built on heart, unity and cooperation and love for each other. Venus made the cycle completion. Money became a thing of an ancient past heart based actions became the new currency. The ascension of Venus., As above so below., The Journey before Alcyon.,

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