The Battle of Los Angeles, do you remember?

The Battle of Los Angeles, do you remember

That was us, Alcyon

1942 you fired on us without reason you gave us everything you had. Do you remember?

Well, that was the problem right there. We did nothing but observe you, and you Attacked us for no good reason.

The issue? not us, the fact you want to destroy anything you can’t explain or anything different.

The entire universe knows all about earth’s anger issue. All we want is for you to learn a better way.

So we came into earth as humans that way we could do our work without you attacking everything in sight.

You gave us so much that day and we had no damage. We did not laugh at you we felt sorry for this behaviour. We pitied you. And came in to earth to live among you.

The great infinite ALL concerned with this behaviour on earth. We will not allow your mental health infection for hate and destruction into the universe until you change your ways.

Let’s be 100% honest governments, you’re responsible for the death of my first daughter, destruction of my second daughter, look at me the leader of Alcyon, I forgave you. Which doesn’t mean I will not say nothing. I am showing you who we are, what you need to become. If you so choose it?

Mid-1950s one of your personnel claimed all countries should unite as the next big war will be an interplanetary war. Come on guys, pull yourselves together, read everything again.

Over the years we became a little less obvious, we can materialize as massive cloud formations, remain stationary close to the earth, unaware to people below us. Plus, it stops you attacking unnecessarily.

I mean lets face it, you would look rather daft shooting clouds. Safety measure.

Most importantly, we want you to recognise something very important. We made your internet possible because of our ships our technology you reversed engineered right?

Did you consider done deliberate? Now look in the world where you find our Technology in your everyday lives. Are you following? What level of access do we now have? Thanks to you!

You destroying people and anything you dislike for control was a serious issue. We outsmarted you. Obviously we didn’t want a repeat of 1942., We had to make sure these human beings were going to be safe from your desire for hate and destruction as well as our own people. If you never listened to us.

Our technology controlled by our telepathic thought patterns that’s how we move ships through dimensions in and out. We can operate anything made with our technology. Higher technology operated by Higher intelligence.

Have you ever misplaced your mobile phone, you come back to the same spot it was gone, now there it be. You knew you hadn’t imagined. What happened?

What if you decide to build ships and pretend to be us? Or what if you wanted to use them to come and destroy the universe? Well, best we take care of that challenge ahead of time. An Intelligent decision.

Corporations are the real problem on earth. Best we give them some toys to play with, they create the products. No point relying on Presidents they know nothing, right? Sit pretty do as they are told.

When I actioned that decision clearly a beautiful choice. Especially knowing 100% today you take no responsibilities for your actions.

The greatest experience in coming to earth personally, I’ve not done this level of being since Venus. I never had higher perspective at my disposal. Like now.

N.R.O The National Reconnaissance Office, a member of the United States Intelligence. Nice Saturn Logo 😉

Example of yours and our technology. I use a laptop to access anything I want. I look, I gain access using the technology you gratefully had from us. All done via MIND. All Pleiadians, Alcyon, Arcs, and others can do the same.

You can never say we are a threat to earth. The British government messed that one up for you with my daughters and how I responded.

Now add that with covid your lies have gone beyond a joke. People don’t trust you anymore.

Can you see the level of my importance on the earth? Your ultimate plan. I am Pure Golden!

What was happening in secret the same year I gave this message 1977? Anyone?

Hint: Mystery Behind The Middle East Movement 😛

You know that Major Ed Dames who claims he invented the system of remote viewing that became a Top Secret Military Spies tactic. He lies. Ms Middleton Born around early 1900s in Boston MA.

You know my Number one trainer. Well, that was her system she observed all Apollo Space Missions, JFK, when he was in diapers. The days Machine Gun Kelly visited the family home in Boston, he would bounce her on he’s knee. She had the gift far back as a young toddler. Major Ed Dames not even a twinkle in he’s mother’s eye yet. She told me late 1980s high up there were those who stole from her.

Important woman in world war 2 never received the credit she deserved. She looked after me as I do her.

I’ve been at this a long time, you knew nothing about me until I went public. Than many filled with doubts, that’s normal. I worked in the shadows of life, blissfully unaware to anyone, even my family. Carefully chosen people to work with me and around me. I even had the help of droopy draws egocentric Perry. Nope, you didn’t see me coming!

Maybe you should slap her ass for helping us. Thanks 😉 We even used some Taylor leverage, not much she’s cute, so went easy, swifty done nothing wrong. Both never a MA’AT no offence ladies.

Fireflies in space 1960s NASA flight.

They are not what you think, that’s the visible aether field that connects everything if you trained yourself you would develop a second sight, normal 3rd reality becomes less out of focus however you will see what’s not currently visible to anyone else. Those fireflies would become visible to you all around you. Not just in space. You wonder about dark matter, yet we told you what that be. “Aether field that connects everything.

NASA has spread lies for decades., NASA Can no longer be trusted.,

NASA aborted all moon Missions because of the bases found on the darkside of the moon they knew they were not alone. They kept it secret from humanity that you’re not alone. WE have always observed you since the day we brought you to earth.

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