The End Times The Birth Of Christ

The end times the birth of christ

If there was such a thing as to the second coming of christ, if he truly died for your sins, so you did nothing.

If Jesus was truly going to return, then I guess I am he.,

Yet you will accept no one as him. How do we know? Because they cast anyone in the entire history that appeared similar out as a false prophet, which clearly says NO christ will ever come who you will accept as him. Too busy casting out. Unless he came down from the skies and said hey honey I’m home, get the surprise.

Does Jesus need wings?

Does Jesus need a crown?

Does Jesus need to be introduced by the pope?

Do I need long hair?

Do I need a beard?

Please decide times running out.,

If Jesus was truly going to return, then I guess I am he., Well, if anything I’m the best you got. If we wait on religion to accept, then history proves everyone’s a false prophet at that rate you’ll all be dead before you realise the truth.,

If however, Jesus should not be born, required to come down from the heavens. Than I guess I covered that one 19th January 1982 as a Walk-In.,

If you need me to go back up and repeat your out of time sorry about that one., I am THOTH nice to meet you! Wait before you throw stones. Will you please stop hurting Children? OK Continue your persecution I don’t mind I’m used to it by now. Why change a history of hate? One day maybe for LOVE! Would be nice! Don’t you think?

By the way., It’s not me whose late it’s actually you always looking in the wrong direction.,

Tell me, can you stroke the tummy of a wild bird?

Can you stand among a million wasps? Do you think Jesus can do it?

Or would that be tricks? Surely wild birds poop on evil and wasps sting their asses.

Would you like to give me a crown of Thorns? or stick me on a cross? Surely not that would be Evil right?

I mean who in their right mind would harm CHILDREN let alone sweet me?

Before you go to war with me. Let me tell you a little about me.

I once carried my child in my arms to her grave. I forgave the government for their wrong deeds.

My second daughter was born The government road into town illegally kidnapped her. The gov found guilty in a court of law. They silenced us from speaking the truth or face prison. Nobody knew what happened. Then they came after my 8-year-old and destroyed her again in secret.

I forgave them, rebuilt my life. That’s who I am. A man with so much love inside I can even forgive the worst crimes in history. By those who claim they are trustworthy. Do you know in 25 years the Goverment never took accountabilty for the destruction of both my daughters. Shocking I know.

So tell me a little about you? Since we are on first-name terms.

Oh, I want you to remember. If you think I am going to take you to heaven whilst you sit back and do nothing to help these children. Than THINK AGAIN. You did nothing to deserve heaven they are CHILDREN. Shame on you for not interpreting good intentions. THINK! They are god’s children and you do nothing? REALLY come on!

Consider that a 9 year warning., Now back to your corners and think about your behaviour.,

So Christians WAKE UP or be prepared to get off our planet with those who hurt CHILDREN., End up in the VIOD. WAKE UP.,

If you truly believe in a GOD, then watch to the end your see GOD at work., and then only will you know the heart of CHRIST.,

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