To a girl named Cheyenne


A brave and meaningful soul. Who laid down her life for all., Standing for change, freedom among all.

Who suffered tremendously among the deeds of their shame.

A girl who shall one day produce children of her own, protecting them to the ends of time.

For she knows what came before, she knows what it took to hold that precious life in her arms.

To a girl named Cheyenne, the mother of all mothers., The mother of all children., My daughter.,

Her father, who never once turned his back on her.,

Cheyenne Actual photo of my daughter, the only one I have.


I owe a ton of gratitude towards Sylvester Stallone he gave me the vision the mindset to adopt to help me through these dark 25 years. He showed me a light in which to head towards. Thank you.

What are you afraid of?

I see you beat that man like I never saw no man get beat before. And the man kept coming AFTER YOU.

I won, but I didn’t beat him.

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