Venus of Atlantis Our Alcyon Day.,

Venus of Atlantis Our Alcyon Day

Venus reaching a point, the shift in consciousness did the dweller council of 3rd brothers and sisters of 9 teach me., Forever taught by these of 9., student was I of 9., now I teach thee as they taught me as 7th, 8th of 9.,
Thouest story of Atlantis, the story of Venus, Alcyon combined transcending venus to Alcyon., Story of thee at one with the ALL., Story of self forever growing within, reaching upwards and beyond., Atlantis the story of us to thee and thee to us, following our ways to the Great Infinite ALL., Tablets of THOTH are the tablets of Venus and Alcyon., Given as the way of light, Tablets for and of the Earth.,

Thee feel every word of my soul within an undescribable format of knowing the telepathic link between thee and me, between Venus, Alcyon to Earth, the perfect circle of life flowing in all directions of self., Between me, thee and the ALL.,
Who is thee if not me., Who is ALL if not I who is thee.,

~ THOTH., 7th, 8th of 9.,

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