What’s the interest in a vaccine for the GOVERNMENT?

What’s the interest in a vaccine for the Government?

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Are you saying they care about you? They want to keep you alive?
Then why are 80% of the United Kingdom has no food? The UNITED KINGDOM GOVERNMENT caused the people to starve, with no food. Starving to death is OK?

What’s the difference?

A vaccine which has not been independently tested or proved? Vaccine equals MONEY. Starvation Equals Money: the less food, the more chances of human disease.

I put it to you it’s deliberate to generate MONEY off you as the product. A human guinea pig for MONEY Abuse on Human LIFE itself. Hitler has returned home. You are not a human being you are £££ that’s it. Prove me wrong. You can’t. Same as abusing children for Tax money that goes into their pockets your money pays to destroy your children.

Prohibition time, even after world wars. When the people are weak, stressed, desperate for a solution they will take anything to be OK again, history repeats. GOVERNMENTS waits until that critical stress point when you are broken wham they got you begging for a solution that suits only them NOT YOU. History has the evidence of what’s happening to you with vaccine they have deceived you for the last time. Anyone and everyone who helped promote is guilty.

Video below dare I say I told you so, including your children, and what do the Police do? Laughable SHAMEFUL idiots.

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And sadly, an awful lot of them were afro Caribbean or Middle Eastern and Asian. That sums up most who’s targeted by UNITED KINGDOM GOVERNMENT pretty well. They were pretty susceptible I wonder if they had no choice to use FOOD BANKS? They don’t care about you or their staff. MONEY BABY. UNITED KINGDOM GOVERNMENT are guilty of genocide.

Genocide is the intentional action to destroy a people—usually defined as an ethnic, national, racial, or religious group—in whole or in part.
If it’s not genocide, why are the cultures who over the last few centuries under more attack than anyone else? Why is nobody asking this question? Are they not human? Do they not matter?

Disgusting behaviour by GOVERNMENTS worldwide.

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