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School of Thoth Children of Alcyon ∞ Magic is truth

My daughter Chelsea came into this world for a short time. She gave her life to save me to make sure I am doing exactly what I am doing now., Chelsea was the best gift any man could ever wish for in a daughter. Because of her I Am., She was the gift from the heavens., That’s why I believe in equal rights among men and women because she was a female., The gift of the feminine cannot be compared.,

I Am Thoth

Thank you that was all I ask for Respect for all i achieved in my life Now I show me for the real me a man of his word.,

You stand for something or you stand for nothing.,

Thoth Charles

You will find here the actual wisdom of Thoth of ancient times spoken in my own unique way. Not speculation as all past information based on Thoth is perception based speculation via many different perceptions based on their own past experinces not mine.

For any misunderstandings I Thoth of old or new have never given Absolute truth this is impossible the emerald tablets have never been Absolute. They are all trigger based designed to activate your own truth within you. That is the fundermental core wisdom of there presence.

If anyone gave you absolute i would hope you would run away fast.

Thoth Charles

Thoth And Prime Creator Under Divine Order And Universal Law

It is on this day 18th September 2019. We reject our status as a British Citizen as well as a human being. We announce our true status as a Universal Energy Being known as Thoth.

We will use one of two dates for our purposes. The date; we took ownership of this body from the past occupant. Or the date the ex-spirit occupant was born at our discretion.


We will use it for any contracts. Present or future that is mutually beneficial with no hidden agendas. However, if any party has not been transparent, the documents are void. Past contracts are now void unless the mutual benefit can be proved 100%


We do not recognize a date of birth as we have no experience of such. Yet, we shall use the above-mentioned. Providing integrity honesty, and transparency has been kept. We will inform all parties before signing we do not recognize such a date as we have never been born. However, we will sign with a date to assist you.

This agreement is set under the universal law that rules all laws. This agreement cannot be overruled by any being or entity. It has been made under the highest sovereign right of the divine order.

When it comes to sexual orientation, we are not male nor female. We are Masculine and feminine combined as one as a whole and complete in ourselves. We do not recognize any race nor gender superior to another all cultures are the chosen ones. It is of no consequence to us if one chooses to believe/understand or not.

The same agreement made under the divine order with our name Thoth Charles. It is hereby acknowledged that Charles was not a necessary addition only for the purposes ease of blending. It should also be noted if we sense any misconduct in any dealings known or unknown. That we reserve the right not to use and claim our sovereign right among the stars at our discretion. We are visitors to the earth system.

This agreement, It is on this day set forth between Thoth Charles and Prime Creator. Under divine order and universal law. 18th September 2019 During our stay on the earth system.

Agreement Thoth Prime Creator and the Infinite ALL.,

We were once known as Thoth Octave Limited. As of this day 19th November 2019, we are now known as THOTH. We relinquish the non-chosen partnership with the Government.

We had no reason nor desire to partner with such an entity or body nor even notified which is misleading conduct. By those that do not take responsibility for their own actions.

Nor shall we partner with any Government unless of course, such an entity can prove its legitimate purposes by opening ALL records to the public, providing evidence of a mutual benefit for the Public. Concerning ALL subjects and ALL areas of their dealings with the public. With an independent entity of people chosen by us the public.

We do not condemn you., We love you., With that we release you.,

With the above mentioned it is hereby acknowledged THOTH is an independent entity that has no partnership or allegiance with any misleading or unethical entities that work against the human population in favour of their own financial gain and not the public good of ALL.,

We THOTH and the following given names (THOTH Octave – I Am THOTHTHOTH Charles including the name Jay R. Charles – Jayce Charles – Jay Charles whilst they remain in circulation.) ALL are solely partnered with Prime Creator and the Infinite ALL.,

This agreement is set under the universal law that rules ALL laws. This agreement cannot be overruled by any being or entity under any circumstances. It has been made under the highest sovereign right of the divine order.,

It should also be acknowledged our number one resource supplier for all things is provided by the Infinite ALL. The infinite ALL delivers ALL resources through any means it chooses or persons. Any provider will be known by us as the messenger of the Infinite ALL.,
Anything we provide for others is also known as the same as above.,

We the undersigned are of your future, past and once again your present.,

Thoth Of Alcyon.,

You are granted freedom to make our rights your own under divine order Sovereign Rights Of Thoth

Nic taught me:It takes a real man to stand his ground and mean it with all his heart.” – Nicholas Sinatra.

I say:A wo/man who can walk through hell fearlessly no matter what he/she experiences head held high use their heart over everything, is a strong wo/man I can call my brother or sister my equal.,

Thoth Charles ex Bodyguard to Nicolas Sinatra who taught me how to do things My Way and follow nobody but my own freewill. Nicholas Sinatra a man of great worth to my own life experience. Plus, my Mentor Nan and life teacher of all things Psychic Kathleen Lorna Middleton Boston MA. Both truly treasured and remembered by Me.

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